Our presenters

This year the VCAA have contracted SREAMS to supply the NAPLAN Online Workshops. Read about the two presenters who will be running the Professional Development this year.

Emma MacNamara

Emma is an experienced Primary Teacher who has gained an impressive reputation for her work in supporting schools to:

  • read and interpret their student “point in time” performance data,
  • read and interpret school trend data,
  • evaluate school growth,
  • use their data to plan for differentiated teaching, and
  • use data one-on-one with individual students to set individual learning targets.

Philip Holmes-Smith


Philip is an experienced Secondary Teacher but is more widely known as one of Australia’s leading authorities on:

  • analysing performance data to identify school strengths & weaknesses,
  • setting improvement targets,
  • writing and analysing assessments that identify each student’s learning needs, and
  • comparing pre- and post-assessment data to monitor teaching effectiveness.

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